Melbourne based Chef-turned-entrepreneur, Bridget Francis, has created an honest and versatile curry paste with no preservatives, providing an easy way to make friends with flavour.

Bridget spent part of her childhood living in Cambodia, which has been a driving force in her food journey.

“I have been a chef for about 8 years working in Melbourne restaurants but I always find that my cooking comes back to southeast Asian cuisine”. Bridget is “very much in tune with the culture, colours, smells, sounds and the vibrancy of this part of the world.”

Bridget was making fresh curry pastes in a restaurant she was working at and wanted to recreate this at home. But, like most Australians, she was busy and too tired to undertake the intensive process as part of her meal preparations. She opted for store bought pastes only to find them lacking in flavor and full of preservatives.

This is how Curry Favour was born; fresh, versatile curry pastes that are quick and easy to use.

The product range includes yellow (mild), red (medium) and green (hot). All three flavours are free from preservatives and tick dietary requirements such as gluten and dairy free, vegan, free from shellfish, added sugar, oil and only contain a minimal amount of salt.

One pouch of Curry Favour packs a punch for four people, “inspired by the many filled jars of condiments we all have in our fridges!” explains Bridget.

There are a number of challenges that Bridget currently faces and wants to address while participating in the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program.

Due to the nature of using the freshest produce, these curry pastes require refrigeration. While Bridget understands this may be one of her biggest challenges, she views it as an opportunity, “I will stand out from my competitors as they are all stocked in the Asian isle of supermarkets and greengrocers.”

Right now, Bridget is figuring out how to scale her product. Fresh ingredients are a key aspect of Curry Favour, so getting the scaling process correct is essential. “For several customers and foodies it is important to know who is making your food, so I am working with someone I have a very close relationship with, who has the machinery to produce my curry paste in larger batches”.

“Someone said to me the other day, all of your problems are good problems rather than bad problems.”

This provides the opportunity for Bridget to focus on other aspects of the business while participating in the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program, such as packaging, defining her target market, sourcing financial backing if required, marketing and PR… “basically everything” Bridget said.