Co-founders, Steve Mobbs and Cameron Harris have identified a gap in the market with the opportunity to bring winelovers and winemakers together like never before. The pair have been involved in the liquor and beverage industries for a combined 45 years before deciding to build their wine ‘match-making’ platform. They first met at Schweppes and have worked with companies such as Fosters, Nielsen and Pommery.

“We were both working at Schweppes where I was the Strategy Manager and Cam was the Revenue Manager; we got on really, really well. We both left Schweppes to go off and do other things but we always stayed in touch” explains Steve.

Steve and Cam knew the incredible potential of wineries across Australia, but also understood the barriers these world-class winemakers faced in connecting with all of their consumers.

“If we think about Perth, it’s the most isolated capital city in the world and then three hours south of that you have Margaret River and the Great Southern Wine Region. So winemakers from these regions, that could essentially take someone a lifetime to get to, are now able to sell their fantastic wines on a regular basis.”

Steve and Cam were “bouncing ideas off each other, something we usually do”, one night over a rugby game and the seed of the idea that became Winery Lane was born.

Before Winery Lane’s existence, winemakers were making delicious wine as well as trying to fit in time to become Facebook experts, SEO experts, or experts in whatever platform they wanted to use to sell their product. Winery Lane allows winemakers to do what they do best and focus on making the best drop possible.

Steve and Cam trialled a number of business models, consulting with different winemakers in the process. Iterating on their original business model, they are now focusing on a marketplace model, and the Rocket Seeder Autumn Crop 18 program will set them up for growth.

Steve believes that “if we get this right in Australia, then there are expansion opportunities for a number of different export markets.”

We look forward to tasting the next drop Winery Lane has to offer.