As the saying goes, dogs are our best friends, and owners are increasingly aware of what they are feeding to their canine companions.

Dog lover Arianne Sackville wants others like her to have more choices when buying healthy dog treats. So, she founded Bella and Bone, which makes a range of superfood dog treats, using only the best range of healthy ingredients.

“There are some healthy treats in the market, which is great, the only issue is that they lack variety and innovation,” Arianne said.

“In a major pet specialty retail outlet, I counted eight different brands of chicken jerky, with barely any product variation. Shoppers in this category are driven by health propositions, not flavour.”

The initial Bella and Bone range will support common health focus points for dogs, encouraging owners to prevent health issues through nutrition as well as manage health concerns through a natural diet.

She plans to develop a community who has similar values as she does.

Arianne is working with a food technologist and a nutritionist who both specialise in dog food manufacturing, and she’s been in recipe development since July.

“We’ve now got a recipe that’s clicked – every dog that’s tried the product is begging me for more.”

Arianne’s career began in sales and marketing for a large (human) food company, but feels far more connected to the personal challenge she is working on.

“I have two dogs who I love tremendously, which was my initial motivation for wanting to do the best job for our pets.”

She said the Rocket Seeder program was strengthening her new business by helping her refine ideas and develop her business model. She said being part of the program enables her to access a wide range of technical and business resources, as well as potential customers.

“It’s given me the best opportunity for success,” Arianne said.