Emily Chhen loved baking but working long hours in a corporate job left very little time for her to pursue her hobby.

She was invited to a friend’s housewarming and thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, but all of her ingredients had expired.

Two things came to Emily’s mind.

“Number one, what had I been doing that I hadn’t had time to do what I enjoy – baking, and number two, I had no idea what to bake and was frustrated that I’d wasted those ingredients and had to go out and buy more,” she said.

“I wished there was a way I could buy only the amount of the ingredients I needed and have all the planning and prep work behind what to bake already done for me.”

And that’s where the idea for Emily’s business began, a subscription based baking kit company.

Bake It Box supplies baking kits with all the pre-measured dry ingredients and decorations, any required tools or other supplies, as well as an easy-to-follow instructions card. People just add wet ingredients and get baking!

Bake It Box baking kits are not your standard supermarket cake box mixes – they are fun, creative, exciting and on-trend!

Emily is part of the Rocket Seeder Spring Crop 17 food and ag startup accelerator program. Emily said her background in biotech and science helped her develop recipes that will impress the baker’s family and friends, as well as the online community.

Emily likes to teach her subscribers challenging baking techniques, so they feel empowered to try something new.  Many Bake It Box customers are sharing photos of their fun experiences and baking masterpieces on social media.

The kits can be ordered at www.bakeitbox.com.au and are delivered Australia-wide.