Melbourne-based entrepreneurs are developing an online marketplace for coffee that will connect coffee shops and coffee roasters around the world.

“On our platform, Gram, we will be able to facilitate orders and payments,” Ziv said.

“Coffee roasters work really hard to promote their brand, but in today’s competitive landscape it’s very hard to achieve market exposure and reach new clients.”

“We’re building a platform that coffee roasters can use to expose themselves to many more coffee shops. Not just in their local area, but all around the world.”

He said another problem Gram will solve is the flow of information.

“Coffee roasters work really hard to source the best coffee beans and roast them to perfection.”

“We want them to be able to carry on this information all the way to the client.”

He said they were developing an easy-to-read template that coffee roasters fill out with information they want to give to their customers.

The information could include the farmer story, the roaster story, place of origin, bean variety, altitude, roast profile and flavour profile.

“This affects how you use the bean; do you use it for espresso, do you use it for filter coffee?” Ziv said.

“There will also be recipe information, which is the methodology of how you extract the best flavour out of this bean.”

Ziv is part of the Rocket Seeder Spring Crop 17 food and ag startup accelerator program.

Ziv and his co-founder Joel Coenraadts have been developing the platform for three months.

Joel is an electrical engineer and has a company that helps start-ups make prototypes. Ziv is a mechanical engineer and has worked in the coffee industry for 10 years – first in Israel and then in Australia. He has managed coffee shops, competed in coffee-making competitions, and two years ago, founded a business that invented an automatic milk-frothing device for coffee shops, which they sold to a large coffee machine manufacturer.

“The Rocket Seeder program has brought discipline and accountability to the development of our business model and customer validation process.” said Ziv. “It has accelerated the progress of our business, and being part of a group of great entrepreneurs has been a truely motivating experience.”