Untapped is one of Australia’s newest startups, tackling both food waste and healthy eating with one cookie.

Co-founders Josephine Kaldor, Daniel Blakeley and Rafael Branton are repurposing highly nutritious spent grains, the major waste product from beer brewing, into delicious café-grade cookies.

“For every bottle of beer made, five times the amount of grains are used to produce it. While this spent grain is widely considered a waste-product, it is in fact high in protein and dietary fibre,” Josephine says.

By selling these cookies in cafés, Josephine and her colleagues are providing consumers a nutritious snack product that tastes great, conveniently available at their favourite dining location.

“Once we had the idea, I wanted to test how tasty these grains were, so I baked 15 Anzac-style cookies,” Josephine explains. “But I made the mistake of leaving them to cool on the kitchen bench. When I got back to them I only found five left.  My mum had literally eaten my work.”

It seems others are loving the concept and taste, because their cookies have sold out in their first supplier café every week since they started testing in September.

Josephine is part of the Rocket Seeder Spring Crop 17 food and ag startup accelerator program and says that the program is particularly useful to her team given they are pre-launch.

Through the Rocket Seeder program, Josephine’s team has access to people, expertise and resources they wouldn’t otherwise. Her Rocket Seeder contemporaries are proving to be a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

“They’ve got the right solutions and the right advice as they’ve all faced similar challenges at some point,” she says.

There are 86,400 tonnes of grains produced each year in Australia. This massive amount of beer waste is offset – to a small extent at this stage – by every cookie Josephine and her team sell.

These grains are packed with potential and can be utilized in many ways, so Josephine and her team won’t be stopping at cookies.

For this startup, their future is quite literally untapped.