Food preparation business and Rocket Seeder Spring Crop 17 startup Feastively creates mise en place to help people feel like chefs in their own kitchen and to make it easier to cook healthy and delicious meals quickly.

Mise en place is a French term used to describe a chef’s kitchen when all the food is prepped and ready to go for the chef.

Feastively was founded by Harry Sekhon who came up with the idea when, working full time he and his wife Devyani struggled to prepare meals after work that were healthy and yummy. Harry loves cooking and is the main cook in the house but he found himself avoiding cooking and just getting take-out.

“We wanted to find a way for people to get more time back in the evenings but still be able to get that satisfaction of cooking a delicious meal.” says Harry.

So, he went out and found a way.

“Every meal you buy with Feastively is quick to prepare, nutritious, and delicious.” says Harry. “It is all single pot cooking so no need to do many dishes. And we’ve made sure you’ll have mise en place in your very own home.”

“Having a start-up venture is exciting, but it has its ups and downs. It’s the first time I’ve followed through with an idea this far. To see it take shape is incredible.”

“The structured learning provided by Rocket Seeder is helping me realise what I might have skipped over in the early days of operations.”

“When you are working on this day in, day out, you get really close to the product and what you think the solution is. Rocket Seeder is forcing me to question this thinking.”

Harry said having access to mentors and coaches is tremendously beneficial. “The answer is usually in our heads but it takes someone who has been there before to actually extract it so it becomes actionable,” he adds.